Zodiac Casino Review

The very concept of the Zodiac Casino fascinated me – the incredible creativity of putting two not so closely related ideas of gambling and astrology together is just amusing! And if you’ve been to the website of this online Casino, you would be mesmerized to see that the Zodiac theme has been followed to the core! This is a much needed refreshing change which players get to witness, than the other online casinos which have almost similar looks – they, of course, try to replicate the real casinos, but the Zodiac Casino has managed to rock its stand-out-of –the-crowd look and theme!

With around 470 games to choose from, you have quite a lot of interesting and exciting features that come along with these games. And when there’s astrology in the picture, would horoscopes be left behind? Well, no! So keep looking out for those snippets of your horoscope popping up every now an then! The unique concept of the Zodiac Casino is what draws people to this casino – it’s always great to be different!


When you sign up on this website though, be prepared to face those frequent document checks, which are done for verification of identity. Apart from that, even though they’ve promised for weekly withdrawals with a limit, many users have this complaint that withdrawals aren’t approved quickly. Some have also lost their money as they were not granted the withdrawals at all.


But the fact that reputed names such as PayPal have signed up for the withdrawal mechanism of this website increases its reliability. Also, it’s a Casino Rewards Group member, so you’ve got a lot of perks and rewards in line! And yes, it’s a Microgaming based gambling casino – which makes it compatible with most devices and operating software and also ensures you have the top-notch quality games to play!

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